Being a Server

When I first came to Canada, I printed up resumes aimed at getting a job as a Server (Waitress/ Bartender) and enthusiastically handed them out with no luck.  More recently, I have been offered some shifts in my local bar.  I had a couple of training shifts and then worked the summer party that the bar threw with a friend of mine.  One more day shift on my own and last night I was on my first evening and closing shift on my own.  I got a cab back to the beaches from my other job, a quick chocolate bar, some deodorant and I was ready to go.  Much to my nervous horror, the place was packed as I walked in due to a football game.  I feared I was in well over my head.  Luckily by the time my shift actually started, the game had finished and it was resembling something a little less like a madhouse so I was eased in at a normal pace.

Food orders, drinks orders, learning to make my first Caesars, remembering to check the dumb waiter, keeping the ice stocked, putting a slice on the drinks, being friendly, clearing glasses, greeting newcomers, learning where to find things on the till and being able to maintain some banter with the customers.  My experience as a Waitress 15 years ago has been of little use, but I did it!  My friend cane down to help with the actual close, putting up chairs etc and I counted up my till and everything balanced properly.  I keep looking for 50cent coins.  It is so silly that they don’t have them! 

I am proud of myself for only having one till error that my friend sorted out for me and for surviving the evening successfully.  People seemed happy, watered, fed and fed.  I have one swollen ankle where I hit it with a fridge corner, one blister and keep giggling wandering if my boss saw on the cameras when I was crouched putting glasses back on the bottom shelf and fell backwards lying on the floor, legs flailing in the air like a bug trying to right itself! I enjoyed the whole experience immensely and feel good that I worked hard and deserved my tips and wages.  My pints are not always consistent yet, but I am pouring mostly okay ones and the perfect pints are getting more and more frequent.  


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