A new friend called Tony

A few months ago I played with some cats that were in Pet Value looking to be adopted, and picked up a leaflet on fostering.  I couldnt do it until I had moved and had come back from Newfoundland, so last Wednesday, I filled in the application.  I had the telephone interview on Friday and Tony, my new friend, was delivered on Sunday.  

After my telephone interview, they said I would get a list of cats to choose from which is nice as I thought I would have what I was given.  I went out and bought supplies ready for my new arrival.  The list came the next morning.  I wanted a boy and thought a year or two in age would be good.  Tony is 1 year and 1 month, so the deal was sealed.

I wanted to foster rather than adopt as I dont have residency yet, and when I do, Mr Jinx will be joining me.  Also, they pay for vet bills etc, I just pay for food and cat litter, and toys.  It seemed the perfect way to save a cat from living in a shelter and to give me the pet love that I am craving.

Mavis is living in the bath for a few days until things are settled.  She is not happy and trashed her cage.  Trying to give her lots of attention so she knows she is still loved. 

Day 1.  Tony hid under the sofa.  He briefly came out and hid behind the fridge, before returning to the futon.  At midnight, I retrieved him for a cuddle and he sat on the bed letting me brush him for half an hour before going back in to hiding.  No food eaten, toys touched or toiletting. 

Day 2.  Tony wee’d in my bed.  After removing all the soft cosy areas I made for him, he decided to be my friend. He spent the night curled up having his tummy tickled and purring.  If I dared to go to sleep, he miaowed in my face until I woke up. 


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