Newfoundland #6: The End

The final day in Newfoundland offered me the worst weather of the week.  It was cloudy with poor visibility everywhere.  I went for a drive around Cape Spear and Bay Bulls for a last chance whale spotting attempt.  I ended up making my way to Witless Bay again to the Irish Loop cafe for a cup of tea and more of that fantastic  cheesecake.  I stopped in Petty Harbour and purchased a pulled moose roll with mushrooms and onions which was delicious, and visited a cute little gift shop where I bought some lovely sparkly snowman earrings.  There was a surprising amount of Christmas stuff around during my visit and they all just said it is because they love Christmas.  In fact the security lady at the airport had a little stocking on her badge!

Car returned, checked in at the airport and luckily my bag was one of the first off at the other end.  I felt mixed feelings returning to Toronto, it is home, but it smells and it is noisy! I really did enjoy my week away, although I can’t see much to do there in the winter or poor weather.  Newfoundland was a truly beautiful place and I treated my little adventure as a once in a lifetime chance to visit, though I do hope I get to go again some day.

I loved that the roads were not in grids.  I loved the coastal walks and views.  I loved the animals and nature stuff.  I loved the locals.  I loved their weird amount of lighthouses.  I loved their bizarre accents and their sayings that reminded me of home.  I loved the plants underfoot that reminded me of Dartmoor.  I loved my own company.   I loved the boat trips hikes. I love that the airport had rocking chairs! 

I came home and my friend had acquired lots of furniture and put it in my apartment for me which is great, and I had a post card and a letter from Dad.   A lovely ending.


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