Newfoundland #6:  Bay Bulls boat trip – whales, sea birds, icebergs, Torbay

Day 6 provided me with entertainment in the form of a boat trip with Gatheralls from Bay Bulls Bay.  It was around 2hrs and we went out around an ice berg and four islands covered with sea birds.  The islands are home to over 2 million puffins and other birds.  Lots of them looked like undergrown seagulls to me, but they were called kittiwakes.  I learned that puffins mate for life, they build burrows in the hills where they lay their egg, the burrow each have a bedroom and a bathroom, their bills are only orange during mating season and are black after that.  There were so many birds – in the sky, on the water swimming, under the water swimming, diving from a height into the water, nesting in the cliffs or burrows, flying over head, it was crazy.  At one point a bald eagle flew overhead and scared them all into the air screeching.

While on the boat, I also got to see minke whales in the water ahead.  It was a shame there were not more, but they said the fish they like to eat were not in the area much yet.

After the boat trip, I went on to the beach with two other ladies from the trip to be screeched in.  This is s ceremony performed in Newfoundland were visitors can become honorary newfies.  Traditionally it involves kissing an actual cod, but they used a teddy here.  We had to talk like a Newfie by answering the question “Are ye a screecher?” with “Deed I is, me ol’ cock! And long may yer big jib draw!” Translated, it means “Yes I am, my old friend, and may your sails always catch wind.”  Walk like a Newfie by putting our left big toe in the water and drink like a Newfie by drinking a shot of Screech – Newfoundland rum, poured straight into our mouths.  They do this in a few places and you get a certificate at the end.  I was glad I had a chance to do it on the beach as mostly bars do it and i felt that doing it in a bar would be a place to do it with friends.

Gatheralls recommended a little cafe in Witless Bay called Irish Loop.  I went for a cup of tea and toffee cheesecake.  The cheesecake was fabulous, so so good!  I chatted with a girl from Melbourne a girl from Germany in the cafe.   I popped to Water Street shops to quickly look for the book written by Captain Dave Harvey and found it in the first shop I looked in.  I kept seeing bricks along this street with names on, so asked and found out that when they did the paving, people could buy a brick with whatever name they wanted on it and where they are from.  It was still relatively early, so I took a drive around East of St Johns and visited Middle Cove, Flat Rock and Torbay before heading back to the city and the BBQ pub I went to a few days ago to get some chicken for my dinner before an earlyish last night.  


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