Residency setbacks

Among the fun and the travels, this week has thrown me a massive curveball.  I have had some legal advice around permanent residency application, and it is not the news I was hoping for.  I had pretty much decided, I would carry on as I am until November, then gain my last four months work experience and get the process going.  It seems that I need an employer to offer me a permanent contract and also they would need to pay for a Labour Market Impact Assessment.  This means they have to prove that they have advertised the role sufficiently to try and recruit a Canadian, but I am better suited to the job.

This means I will have to find a social work job in November, after four months, they will have to complete the LMIA and then give me a reference number.  I can give the reference numer to a lawyer who will get the application for PR rolling.  My current visa ends in May.  It is cutting it all very fine.  This is also assuming an employer will want me enough to go through all this.  I would also need to know how long I would be tied to them for as I think I would have to promise not to leave within a certain amount of years.

I got the email and felt devastated that I cannot apply based on experience.  I dont know if this will be my “forever home”, but I do know for sure that I want it to be my “for the foreseeable future home”.  I am not ready for this adventure to end in May.

 I was ready to sort out a chunk of stuff in England in November ready for a proper immigration. There is nothing I can do for now.  All I can do it wait until November and see what happens.  And maybe email my last employer to see if they know anything about the process.


5 thoughts on “Residency setbacks

  1. Are you sure you need an LMIA? If you have the points you can apply for Express Entry. People are getting Invitations to Apply (ITA) with 470 – 480 points. Ive just written a blog about it today – it might help? 🙂

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