Long weekend

This weekend is another long weekend. It is Victoria Day weekend in celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday on May 24th.  The Canadians call it ‘May two four weekend’.   I googled it and apparently it is because they also call a crate of 24 beers a two four and people are likely to drink more beer this weekend.  Anyway, it’s still odd that they don’t just call it 24 beers.

Long weekends in Canada cause the pubs and bars to be quieter as lots of people will go to their cottages for the weekends.  It is completely the opposite of home where long weekends involve the pubs being open longer hours and people drinking all day.  Who thought I would nostalgically picture the barbican crowded with people and police on a bank holiday Sunday?!

So far this weekend, I have made the most of the sunshine and spent most of it on the beach with friends.  We have been to the secret beach and taken our first full swims in the lake.  My friend from Manchester showed me what a fossil looks like and we ended up lying in the sun for hours getting burnt because we were looking for fossils!  I love the beach, but it is already so hot!  I am starting to have flashbacks to last summers brutal humidity and my difficulty to function.  For the first time since arriving in Canada, I am worried and hoping that the weather will not be a reason for me not to stay.  The weather during the last few days has been lovely, but much hotter and I might melt.  You hear of people deciding not to stay because it is too cold, do people go back to England because it is to hot?!  

I finished off the weekend with a lot more time on the beach, some new drinking spots, a random night out, building friendships and no time at the gym whatsoever. Today one of my beach buddies and I decided enough was enough and, after the thoroughly unhealthy long weekend, we headed out for a run alongside the water, after the beach of course.  

Today remains stiflingly hot.  The humidity this evening is out to destroy me.  The sand is too hot to walk on… The dogs keep getting stuck half way to the water because it is too hot for their paws, they lie down and wait for their owners to retrieve them.  It is only going to get hotter and my concerns continue, along with my rapidly developing tan.


5 thoughts on “Long weekend

  1. I think I’ve finally made the decision to move to Toronto in October when our lease is up here in Van. The weather is the only thing that really makes me worry. I hate the cold but hadn’t banked on it being as hot as described! Arrrrggghh! Why can’t there just be a place in Canada where it is average!

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    • Love this! Look me up when you come, we can do something in a climate controlled environment, not too hot and not too cold, all you need is a light jacket…
      I’m hoping to visit BC next year for a few weeks, I’ll be rereading blogs when the times comes for inspiration!

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