Moving house

After past mentions of an imminent move, it has happened.  I packed up my bags and moved a few doors down to my very own bachelor pad.  I got most things I need to get started from the dollar store and had accumulated a surprising amount anyway.  The new place needed painting as the previous occupants had chosen black paint for the walls?!  A friend from the pub gave me a futon she didnt need anymore, so I have that as a bed until I get a bed and some more furniture sorted.  I bought a rocking chair from kijiji as I want to make the little dining room off the kitchen into a cosy little reading nook.

Until more furniture happens, I have piles of belongings around the place, but at least it is just me and Mavis.  No queuing for the bathroom and I can decorate and accessorize how I choose.  I have started putting up my pictures and hung some of my treasured Christmas decorations up around the window.  The fridge is covered in magnets as per my obsession and it I know it will be lovely when it is finished.  I thought I would be sadder to leave the old place as I have been there for a year, but it has been okay.  I am not comfortable enough to have a bath in the new place yet, but that will come!  I will miss the jacuzzi bath I had before, and I fear that I will miss the air con when next month hits.




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