One year in Canada

Well, Sunday was the 1 year anniversary of arriving in Canada.  I can still remember the nerves and the feelings like it was yesterday, but yet it seems like so long ago – another world.  I do still have days where I think, thats it I am going home, but they are few and far between.  I am still a little unsure about which country to live in, I am still 90% sure I want it to be Canada.  I love so much about this country.  I will miss seeing family more often if I dont live in England.  I will miss seeing my nephew grow up.  On the other hand, they will all come and visit and I can visit home.  We can talk lots like we do now.  Mr Jinx will come and live here if I get residency.  The whole residency task seems like such a mission and such an expense, it is so daunting.  I am still choosing not to think about it until I have another social work job to get the rest of the work experience I need to apply.

So what have I done since being here….

  • Flown to the other side of the world on my own
  • Built a life in Toronto
  • Got my own apartment
  • Gained work experience
  • Made friends, some for life, some for now and some that either way, I will never forget
  • Missed having pets more than I thought possible
  • Been to the capital of Canada, Ottawa
  • Visited New York
  • Planned a trip to the East coast
  • I thought I hated watching sports, turns out I just hadnt seen the right ones
  • Realised that some of the friendships I most valued at home have not managed to last with an ocean between us, despite my best efforts

I am more resilient than I thought I would be.  I have done so much that I never thought I would be able to do a few years ago.  Things that would have terrified me before dont even phase me now.  It is as if a switch flipped in me when I decided to move here and I was suddenly not phased by things I have avoided for so long.  I have learned that the ability to do things on my own opens so many more opportunities, but also it can be frustrating when you need other people to do things and dont always have them.  I am still the same person I was when I left, I still have my own little ways and eccentricities and I dont think I will ever change them, I am happy as I am.

I am sure there is so much more that I have done, but for now, I have a Blue Jays game to watch! 



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