When the bestie came to town. Part 2.

The bestie may have now departed, but she left me with Magic Stars that I sit munching on.  Since the last update, there was my birthday and a trip to a cottage.  In between we took a trip to Toronto Islands, one of my favourite places to go in the city.  The place was starting to open up again after the winter.  Before the ferry was a much needed trip to McDonald’s following the birthday drinks the night before.  Armed with food that turned out to be not very fast, we boarded the ferry.  I then discovered that my burger was not plain after specifically asking for a plain one.  Devastated.  We got to Centre Island and headed for Far Away Farm to visit my favourites.  The llama was rude and didn’t come over to say hello, but it was nice to see it outside in the sunshine.  The giant pig, Charlotte, was also basking in some sun.  I went inside to visit the triplet lambs that I saw three weeks ago and was sad to learn that one had died shortly after that.  We had a potter around the maze, still couldnt find the middle!  As it was a work day, we decided to hire a quadricycle to see more of the islands with the time we had and we cycled to Wards Island and back with me being a tour guide.   We parted company when I went off to work and this time was a successful separation with no getting lost in Moss Park.  The bestie went home for a bit and then managed to navigate her way back to go up the CN Tower for a second time to see the views at night until I finished work.

On Thursday, I arranged for her to go and see a Blue Jays game with some friends of mine.  She got there early to get her free tshirt and endured a game.  It would seem that a love of baseball is not going to be a common interest!  She made it through what I think will be her first and only baseball game from feedback received!

We went off to the cottage on Friday and had a quiet day on Monday after we got back.  There was a bit of lying on the beach to get the last of the sunshine followed by a final meal at Outrigger and a last drink at the local.  We stayed local on Tuesday and just pottered around the beaches.  There was an attempt at lying on the beach, but dogs and clouds brought this to an ending and we opted for a cuppa in the bean coffee shop instead.  An ice cream at the Eds and a trip to the pet shop to get Mr Jinx a gift were our final ports of call before it was all to soon time to get the cases and depart.  There have been many times that we have said the same thing throughout the trip, right down to the point in Eds when someone asked us what they should do in London when they visit…. In perfect sync we responded with “don’t go to London”.  These moments provided giggles and entertainment throughout and show 11 and a half months has changed nothing.  A definite highlight was knowing each other well enough during a guessing game for me to shout out “the underwear I wear” and she knew the answer without hesitation.

We made it to the train station despite the heavy and bulky baggage doing its best to hinder this and parted ways.  Another goodbye and they still don’t seem to be getting any easier.  Luckily she loved it and is already planning her next trip over.  So happy that we had my one year Canada anniversary and my 30th, with lots of new tourist stuff for both of us.  I have put in tourist requests to do together when I visit home later this year.  It is weird to think that there are only two people I have seen from home in the past year, and no one in Toronto yet that I have known for a year due to a gap in time in Orangeville.


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