Turning 30

The big birthday came and went without too much drama.  I had some cards to open and lots of presents which was exciting.  It was so nice that people sent presents from England.  They were such thoughtful gifts as well.  There were sequins, so many sequins that I enjoyed.  Post its with references to comedy moments and personal notes. It meant a lot.  I also found out on my birthday that my sister is having a boy, I thought it would be a boy, but it was nice to have confirmation so I know I can buy blue. Jenny and I went for an ice cream at Sweet Jesus, the CN Tower for a cup of tea and then we went to a restaurant in The Beaches for dinner – Green Eggplant.  Obviously, I had spaghetti carbonara.  My standard birthday meal, only deviated from occasionally for risotto.  We are just a carbonara family.  I asked for extra mushrooms.   After dinner we went for a couple of quiet drinks at my local bar.  My friend was working and a couple of people came in for a drink.  A fabulous random night was had.  There was Malibu, oh so many shots and a lot of 90s cheese on the jukebox.  My favourites are fairly unchanging – Tiffany, Sweet Caroline, B*Witched, Spice Girls, SClub7….. There was singing, so much singing.  We went for some post bar beverages at a friends house and headed home at around 330am  after our quiet drinks.


Do I feel any different?  No.  I feel like I have achieved a good amount in my life.  I am a person who is prepared to work to get what I want, and here I am in Canada.  The only things I would like to have in my life that I don’t have are things I have no control over.  One thing that has occurred to me is that perhaps I am closer to dating men in their 40s…. Not yet but it is a scary thought to adjust to if I am not with husband soon.


2 thoughts on “Turning 30

  1. I bleddy loved this write up! Enjoy the sweets, comedy socks, minions (crying about your age) and anti aging! Jen and I don’t want you to let yourself go!

    Ps you are only as old as the man your feel… Just saying 😉

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