A weekend at the cottage 

This weekend, I lived life like the Canadian stereotype – I booked a cottage and 11 friends and I headed off to the lakes for a post birthday mini break.  Three of us headed up on Friday and arrived late afternoon – just in time for an hour of sunbathing and to get a head start exploring the cottage and the grounds.  The cottage was a good size, though still a tight squeeze with so many of us.  There was a sauna in a little shed in the garden, a fire pit and a boat house down some steps by Eagle Lake with canoes, a kayak and a little sail boat.When the next couple of cars of people arrived, we had a quick paddle in the canoes, got the sauna lit, chopped some wood (split wood as the Canadians say) and then had a BBQ.

Saturday was not as warm, but the sky was blue and the lake was looking beautiful.  A fellow Devonian made pancakes for breakfast for everyone and then we headed down to the lake.  Cue, playing with canoes out on the lake.  It was great fun paddling around the lake giggling and trying not to drop my phone in the water whilst taking selfies and pictures of the views.  Passing my phone from one canoe to another for photos without dropping it or wobbling the canoes was a skill that mastered and will have forever.Saturday night brought another BBQ and a birthday cake from my friends.  It even had candles.  I enjoyed this.  The evening involved eating immense amounts of food, crisps and dip and consuming Malibu.  One of the girls introduced us to a new game called Heads Up.  It is an app where you hold the phone up to your forehead and the people around you have to act out the word until you guess it.  You guess as many as you can in a minute.   I really enjoyed the night.

Sunday involved tidying up – we used an amazing amount of towels and bedding between us.  Two of the boys went off on one of the canoes.  After a few hours, they had not returned.  We were just stood by the lake debating at what point we should begin to worry when one of them appeared on foot.  They had gone out on their own with no phone and in the strong currents, one decided he couldnt make it back.  They got to the shore and one ran 25 minutes back around the lake for reinforcements.  We drove to the canoe and four of us paddled it back.  It was around 20 minutes to get home and good fun canoeing in the strong currents out in the lake.  Rescue mission complete.  More laundry and cleaning up.  Goodbyes as people gradually headed back to the city and the last night was just me and The Bestie.We went to the dump in search of bears.  It was smelly and filled with more waste than any tips I have seen at home.  The seagulls were having a whale of a time, but there were no bears to be seen.  We consulted with the guys working at the dump who showed us a bear paw print and sent us to Kennisis Lake Landfill site to see bears.  The guy at Kennisis Lake told us to come back around 8pm.  At 8pm we headed back and parked up waiting for the bears to arrive.  After around 30 minutes, we were rewarded for our patience and a troop  of black bears showed up to rummage through the waste.  It was hard to get a good picture as we werent very close due to the dump being locked up, but it was definitely bears.  So exciting.  I know they can be dangerous, but all I wanted to do was get out and go closer.  I did not.  The most I did was open the window and stick my arm out to take a picture.We went home to watch a film in our PJs on the sofa with duvets.  We fell asleep.

The journey home involved way too much spending in a gift shop.  I am a sucker for fridge magnets and Christmas decorations.  We went to Dairy Queen, we went to another dump to look for more bears and moose (no further sightings to report) and then we arrived home around 330pm.

A jolly good weekend with some good friends.  Some of them are not planning on staying in Canada, but I hope that I have some friends for life in the mix.



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