When The Bestie came to town. Part 1.

Last week, the adventures with The Bestie from England began.  She arrived in town on Thursday late afternoon.  I have to say I was a title nervous heading to the train station to meet her, excited of course, but a bit nervous.  What if she doesn’t get on with my new friends?  What if she doesn’t like Toronto?  Meeting people properly and exploring would come later though, for now, the goal was to keep her awake until at least 10pm. A walk along the boardwalk, followed by dinner in a put up the road and then a quick drink in my local usual pub did the trick and she was allowed to sleep around 11pm.Our first day was spent around The Beaches.  We went for my usual walk through Glen Manor Ravine, Kew Gardens and along the boardwalk.  We had lunch at a restaurant called the Green Eggplant which was fantastic.  People rave about it on Facebook, but I hadn’t gotten around to going there.  We fed the squirrels in the park and chatted out way through the day. The evening came and it was time for our trip to the West End.  I thought that this would be the first tour of Jimmy Carrs that I would miss in 10 years – luckily, he came to Canada the day after Jenny arrived.  She bought me a ticket for my birthday and off we headed.  He as his usual funny, inappropriate self!  We queued to meet him at the end like true fans.  When we got back to the beaches, we had ice cream sundaes.  A jolly tasty ending to a good day. 

Saturday brought the start of a weekend roadtrip.  We headed to Hamilton to visit Taylor’s Tea Rooms.  I went there during the long weekend in March and it was a overly little place, so I was keen to go back.  We had a cream tea and cake and a little potter around the shops.  The sun was shining and it was a lovely stop on the way to Niagara.  I purchased some Applewood Smoked Cheddar and some peanut butter chocolate covered bacon.  We headed for Niagara on the lake as lots of people have recommended going there.  It took us a fair while to get there and we stayed for around ten minutes before agreeing that we enjoyed the shops in Hamilton more and the beach and water in the beaches more.  Onward.

To the Falls.  Off to the Falls and straight on to the boat trip.  Luckily she loved it.  We left the Falls for food at Wendy’s (square burgers and pouting) and to visit the outlet mall.  I was delighted to purchase two pairs of Roxy flip flops for $33.  Yes.  $33.  This is crazy cheap.  I got a couple of pairs of jeans.  Jenny got a Pandora charm and we headed back to the falls for a night time view.  This time, the view would be from up the Skylon Tower.  We were a little disappointed to discover that the lights are not behind the falls, but projected on to the falls.

This I where we decided to start heading towards Point Pelee, tomorrow’s destination on the trip.  We thought we would head east and stop and stay in a motel after about 90 minutes of driving.  We set off around 1130pm.  We secured a room for the night at 315am.   The first place we stopped said vacancies on the sign, but when we rang the buzzer they said they had none.  The next little town we found – Brantford – had no rooms available in any hotels or motels in the area due to an event in the area.  Something to do with Wayne Gretsky – his name was mud that night.  We kept driving and managed to get a room in Woodstock.  By this point, she could have put us in the cleaning cupboard with a blanket and we would have been happy.   The lady was fantastic and we had a lovely room for the night.  

A Tim Hortons breakfast to start the day and we were off to Point Pelee.  Why?  It is the most southern point of mainland Canada.  The whole pointy bit sticking off the mainland is a park with lots of trails and beaches.  We had a lovely walk down to the point through beaches, woodland and marshes.  I was excited to spot a couple of actual real life Blue Jays.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get close enough to get a good photo.  Their wings were bright blue when they flew and they caught my eye as they crossed our path.  We reached the point and walked on the beach.  The current was super strong and the waves from Lake Erie were crashing on to the beach.  I picked up lots of shells which was a novelty as there don’t even to be shells on beaches here.  I must find out why.  Point Pelee was a lovely park and I would love to go back again.  The varied scenery was nice and I would enjoy a BBQ on the beach.  We made our way back to the beaches and returned the car ready for bed. 

Today was sleep, painting the new apartment (that’s another story) and a potter around downtown.  I had work, so I went to work and Jenny decided to get lost in a strange city on her on with no mobile phone and no one to call.  Luckily, she got back on track to one of the places on the list of places to get wifi and we were able to find each other again after she had done some exploring and I had finished work.  A couple of drinks at the pub and now it is definitely time for bed.


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