Room mates

A few weeks ago I acquired some new room mates in the form of a couple of French guys.  The change has had its ups and downs – it has been nice to come in and the apartment is a bit warmer, this is partly as new heating has been installed and also because there are other people to put it on and generally make the place warmer to come home to.  On the flip side, I have lost the space that I had.  The boys are so quiet, I barely hear them when they are home and am constantly having a bit of a fright when I encounter them silently moving around.  One speaks little English, so conversation is fairly limited, but they are nice enough.  They are new to Toronto on the same visa as me, and the apartment is perfect for them given that my Landlady speaks French.

Seeing Nathalie move out in January and visiting her new place, followed by having the apartment to myself for a couple of months got me thinking more and more about wanting my own space.  I want somewhere that I can furnish how I would choose, with pictures on the walls, cushions, plants and just generally make it my own.  It is hard as my apartment is fantastic – warm and homely with a fantastically huge bath tub, it just isnt mine.  I went to see an apartment that would be perfect, but was available immediately and I need to give two months notice (and cant afford to move until June anyway).  If I want to live in Toronto permanently, I dont see myself renting a room long term, so with a year to go, it seems a good time to branch out on my own (well, with Mavis) and see if I can make it work renting my own bachelor apartment as close to where I am as I can get.  So, two months notice given and one week later, there is nothing suitable available for June, but I am hopeful something will turn up!  In the meantime, I have started stockpiling a few essentials every time I visit the Dollarstore to be ready for the move.  Nervous, excited, anxious, impatient, eager, the list goes on!

The next couple of months are going to be full of big changes with jobs and apartments, but hopefully it will all come together for a fun summer.  Ha.  It snowed again this week.  I like the snow, but come on, really? It is April and I am ready to get tanning.


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