Long weekend

In addition to the epic day out in Hamilton, this weekend also brought a lie in of mammoth proportions – which reminds me, another thing Canadians dont say is lie in, they say sleeping in and look at me confused when I say lie in.  There were drinks with The Brits at a great pub downtown called The Artful Dodger which had a pool table and a nice atmosphere.  I was itching to play, but not brave enough to go and ask the weed smoking players if I could go next, especially as I had to ask them to shut the door to outside while they smoked as I didnt want to taste cannabis with my food.  Next time, that pool table is mine.  On Saturday, a couple of Brits came to the beaches for a walk in the ravine and on the boardwalk, we then had our first BBQ of the season. I bought a BBQ last year (just before Farmer Chaz came to town) but never got a chance to use it.  After assembling and throwing in charcoal and some lit paper, we realised we were supposed to have firelighters or gas.   A quick trip to Valumart for some gas provided entertainment in throwing it on the slightly lit pile of coals, cardboard packaging, some plastic and some dry leaves.   Eventually, perseverance prevailed and we had ourselves some tasty burgers.  I think part of why BBQs always taste so good is because of the work and sheer determination required to get to the point of eating!  

 Sunday brought a lazy day at my friends house, a couple of blocks away.  We spent all afternoon chatting, drinking tea, eaing biscuits and watching Pretty Little Liars, Eastenders and Muriels Wedding.  When its a drizzly day with distinctly English weather, this is the perfect way to spend it.

A few facetimes and some chats with the family and it was back to work today, back to the gym and, after a lovely four day weekend, life is going on. 


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