Hiking in Hamilton:  Webster’s Falls, Tew’s Falls and Christie Lake

What better way to spend a Bank Holiday Sunday than on a roadtrip with one of the original Brits.  Trusty Zip car booked, plan of action in place and off we went to Hamilton.  First stop: Taylors Tea Room.  I heard that they do a Devonshire cream tea.  We bought ours to go, and extra bottles of cream.  Such a quaint little tea room with super friendly ladies working there.  Looking forward to going back again in the future and taking the time to sit and enjoy some tea and cake.  The scones were delicious and the cream was gloriously thick and rich – a delight after a year with no clotted cream in my life.  I dont understand why its not a thing in Canada.  The Devon cream came in jars that I have never seen in Devon and was made in Wiltshire, but it was still a tasty English start to what would turn out to be a very (apart from Tims) English day. 
 English treats bagged up, we set off for the trails for a spot of hiking.  Walking boots on and Webster’s Falls was the first bit of water on our adventure.  A pretty waterfall, nothing spectacular.  We headed off towards Christie Lake following the Spencer Adventure Trail.  The trail started off with scenic bridges and grassy areas and continued along by the water through woodland and grassy banks and fields.  We got to the Christie Lake dam and as we stepped onto the bridge, stunning views of the Lake appeared in the sunshine.  The weather was great and the water looked sparkly and picture perfect.  We walked around the Lake and past a big field that reminded me of home.  The whole walk was so incredibly English.  It reminded me of Burrator Resevoir and the Devonshire countryside.   

 We ate our cream and scones by the water and headed back to the car park to do the trail on the other side. 

The other side of the trail started off with another waterfall – Tew’s Falls, below.  I loved this one.  

 After seeing Tew’s Falls, we followed the trail until we reached Dundas Peak with views out over the landscape.  Our total walk was just over 10 miles.

   Our next stop was Hamilton to visit the first ever Tim Hortons for a much needed cup of tea.  There was some rather pricey merchandise and a little museum upstairs.  I enjoyed a mooch around the mini museum taking a walk down Tims memory lane.  It was a cute idea and nice to mark the beginning of such a massive part of Canadian culture.  It is a shame that the original building was knocked down and replaced with such a modern one. 

On the way back from Hamilton, my fellow Brit and I stopped off in Burlington for a spot of dinner.  After a day in what felt like the English countryside, we headed for a British pub called The Queens Head.  The most British pub I have encountered so far!  The server was friendly with an infectious laugh and the whole place had a friendly feel.  The menu test was passed – they had pies, bangers and mash and other stodgy favourites.  The biggest challenge was passed…. Shepherds pie was marked as Shepherds pie! Canadians dont seem to differentiate between Cottage and Shepherds pie and will call a pie with cow in it, Shepherds.  This bugs me. a lot.   

  We had some food and took a stroll around Burlington as dark was setting in.  We walked along by the water and on the pier before it was time to head home. 

What a great day out!  There is no room for complaints when your day has all these views rolled in to one roadtrip. 



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