The last couple of weeks have brought about changes.  I have handed in notice at two jobs.  I was sad to have to resign from my job in England.  Whilst I want to stay in Canada, I am all too aware that it could be a lengthy and costly process with no Permanent Residency granted at the end.  It was therefore nice to have the cushion of knowing I was on sabbatical and could go back to the job in the UK if I have to leave Canada.  My request to have my sabbatical extended was declined and I therefore gave my notice in.  After 6 years (with a short gap in the middle), I was sad to end it and face that I might not get to work in a prison again for some time.  I loved working in a prison and all the dynamics, challenges, dramas, well everything about it really.  I hope that I get to do this again in some capacity – getting some work in prisons in Canada later in the year would be amazing.

I also handed my notice in at my full time Canadian job.  Again, this was sad in some ways as I love the team I work with, but I cant see much of Canada with 10 days leave a year.  It made sense to leave when my buddy comes to visit at the end of April.  I am leaving with plans and aspirations in place, but this comes with a bit of anxiety about cash flow.  I will be leaving a full time job to work part time in a role that pays just over half the hourly rate I was on before, with a third of the hours. I also will need to top up my hours in this field of work before I can apply for residency at the end of 2016/ 2017.  Despite all the sensible reasons that point to me staying in the role,  I still feel that this is the right decision.  Deciding to stop doing the sensible thing and move to the other side of the world turned out to be the best experience I have ever had, so clearly there are times that not taking the sensible route pays off.  I need to see the country, and don’t know how long I could maintain 3 hours of travel a day for work, so I had to do what’s right for right now.  I have planned and worked hard and will be doing two jobs for April, so hopefully when it comes to May, it will all pay off and I can enjoy a summer seeing Canada, enjoying the Lake and regaining the tan I worked for last year!


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