A numbers game

Doing my tax return is something that I have been a little concerned about every time I think about it.  My brain does not enjoy anything numbers related and my Dad is not here to deal with it for me.  I was intending to pay someone to do it, but the prices seem to vary significantly and I couldn’t figure out who was just trying to rip me off.  One of the Brits said that I could just do it myself online, so I found a website and think I have submitted it.  It all seems a bit of a faff having to put in how much I spent on transport and all the numbers from my T4s (P60s).  Taxes in Canada just baffle me.  Nothing has the tax included in the advertised price except alcohol, so you have to constantly be aware of adding 13% on to everything.  Then you have to pay tax all year that is taken automatically until the end of the year when you have to fill in a load of forms and claim some back.  So, from what I can gather, you claim back tax on transport and medical expenses… I dont understand why they dont just not put tax on those things so we dont have to keep handing money back and forth?  Very bizarre.  Anyway, so it seems that after filling in all the forms, the government will check it again anyway and then send out a cheque.  The online form thing that I am not at all confident I filled in correctly tells me that I am due $1,700 back.  Luckily, this whole tax debacle only comes once a year so I am going to forget about it until 2017 when I will definitely be paying someone to do ti.  For now, I will just wait for my cheque and say thank you very much for the free money.


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