A new dentist

This week found me back at the dentist.  A different dentist obviously. What a treat after the previous horrors.  I went to the the dentist I actually thought I had booked with in the first place.   I remember passing them in the summer when they opened and they gave out free cakes.  Anyone that gives me cake is off to a good start in my book!  They gave me a look  around when I registered and said I could ask questions and make sure I was comfortable.  The form asked me to detail past traumatic dental experiences…. I wrote the name of my previous Canadian dentist.

For the appointment itself, I was lucky to be in the end room meaning quiet and noone passing by.  The dentist was friendly, she didnt tell me off for declaring my ability to eat toffee whilst my mouth was still numb, she didnt offer me a teddy like the last dentist, she let me look at the needles and see what was going on and when I made noises indicating the words “whats that?” she explained.  She let me scrunch up my legs and tense my hands without telling me I was stressing her out and she just got on with it.  Most importantly, there was no dental dam torture device.  There was an offer of a bite rest – some rubber thing that was to allow me to relax my jaw and stop aching – I tried it.  It was not okay and she took it back out.  I was even allowed to hold my own sucky thing to hoover up my spit – I enjoyed this. It still hurt, it was still a trip to the dentist, BUT I feel okay to go back and get the work completed and I have two lovely white fillings instead of the ugly silver ones we get in England.  


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