In like a lion, out like a lamb 

They say that the stereotype Canadian, amongst other things, talks about the weather alot eh?  Well, I find that I fit well with this and feel amazement and surprise most days at the changing climate.    Every day can be a different season.  Last week, people kept posting pictures on Facebook of this tree covered in ice where the water has splashed up over the rocks.  I went off to find said tree and the icicles and other winter identifiers that were alongside it.  Exactly a week later, I returned to the same spot and was able to sit in the sunshine reading a book, munching on Easter chocolate, stroll on the sand barefoot and paddle in the water.  Even as I approached the water I expected it to be freezing given the ice a week before – I wasnt rushing to go for a full on swim, but it was surprisingly warmer than expected.   

 The day after my day of glorious sunshine, cold and wind kicked back in.  Taking another photo on the same stretch of beach, the waves were now crashing noisily against the rocks and the little piers.  

Top to bottom… Sat 5th, Sat 12th, Sun 13th

 People keep saying that we will go in to March like a lion and out like a lamb.  This makes me miss having pet sheep and lambs to cuddle.  Saturday was a taste of whats around the corner and I cant wait to embrace it! 


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