My first Canadian run

A couple of months ago I signed up for my first Canadian run.  A St Patricks Day 5k for Achilles Canada. The day came yesterday and I was a little nervous due to the old knee playing up.  First difference, in Canada you have to go collect your number and bag of race swag in the days before the event instead of being given it at the finish line, and the number being posted.  Bit annoying when you work nearly two hours away and have to get it before 6.  Luckily, one of my cohorts got my for me.

Bag check done, water bottles in hand ready to find the start, realised my trousers were on back to front.  A fine start I feel.  Clothing righted, we went off to find our spots in the crowd, assessing the attire of those waiting to try and figure out where the elite ended and the fun runners began hoping to find a spot nestled somewhere in between.  We figured we needed to be behind those wearing compression socks, but in front of the people wearing boppers.  We did not take dogs into account and ended up stuck behind a lovely chap wearing the green St Patricks day race tshirt.  Finally free of the annoying bit where everyone is trying to find the people of the right speed, we got into a steady pace.  There were no markers, so the 5k would be done when it was done. 

I was pleased to keep a fairly steady pace throughout, not stopping to walk.  Knee niggled a bit, but okay to proceed with caution.  Perfect running conditions – a bit breezy with a slight chill in the air. I came in at 31 minutes 55 seconds.  I had decided that over 40 would make me sad, under 30 would make me elated and under 35, I would be happy with, so happy with this I am.

After the run, they gave us chilli and a pint. I traded my pint for a second chilli.  They also gave out free full size boxes of Lucky Charms.  I got to run and had lots of food given me, this was great!  They also gave me my medal.  I say medal, it was a bottle opener.  

Test run done and I am now ready and excited to sign up for a 10k.  



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