Making bookings

This week, I have been on a little bit of a booking spree….. Aside from looking forward to life in general in Canada and an English visit in April, I now have a string of exciting events planned.

I was felt sad that this would be his first of Jimmy Carrs tours since 2005 that I would not get to see.  Last year, I had to squeeze in a trip to Bournemouth in the month before coming to Canada to ensure I got to see him.  Too excited to find out he is coming the day after the bestie arrives from England!  It is meant to be.  Two tickets purchased on Monday, they arrived yesterday.

In addition to booking tickets to JC, I have booked the cottage for the weekend after my birthday.  A big cottage with a sauna, a fire pit and a jacuzzi between Toronto and Algonquin.

As if JC AND the cottage were not enough, I went one further and booked a flight to Newfoundland in the summer.  I have been planning this trip for a while and am looking forward to 6 nights exploring another province.  Whales, icebergs, walking, sunshine, open green spaces.  I am not quite sure what to expect with Newfoundland – I hear lots of varied tales from Torontonians, but from research I feel like I am going to love it. 



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