Life and snow

The past couple of weeks have passed by in a blur of fluctuating weather.  It is bizarre that it was so sunny last weekend that the boardwalk was crowded, there was a queue out of the door of my favourite ice cream shop and I went out with no coat, contemplating wearing flip flops and then, two days later, the snow hit and is half way up my calves.  I went into the gym on Tuesday night scoffing at the reports of incoming snow and came out to a white wintery wonderland.  The snow has continued all week and I am still enjoying every second of its beauty.  The sun shines so brightly bouncing off the snow and sparkling in the light, it hurts my eyes to go outside without sunglasses sometimes.  I also keep enjoying how fine and fly away the snow is.  Despite cars being covered in inches of snow, everyone just has long handled brushes and the snow just brushes away like dust.  When the Canadians said in the summer that winter will just suddenly come, they were right.  There are still seasons here, but they dont seem to change gradually.  Whilst I love the cold, I do look forward to not having to walk around wearing the bulk of a duvet, carrying gloves, sunglasses and a scarf at all times, just in case. 

 The last two weeks have thrown out a hockey game (in true Maple Leafs style, we lost), more extraordinary hot chocolates at Sweet Jesus, food and gossip with friends, a couple of trips to the cinema and a visit to Cherry Beach to see the skyline at night.  I have also tried a Canadian treat – the Butter Tart.  It looks like a potentially dry item – I am not big on tart pastry and it seemed like it should be warm.  I was encouraged to try them by  my Canadian gym friend, so I bought one and looked at it for two days trying to convince myself to taste it.  After eventually summoning up the motivation to have a nibble, I discovered the most amazing baked good!  Caramel sauce ran out as I bit into in.  A sweet and sugary, moist delicious treat.  O Canada! 



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