These are a few of my favourite views

Will I ever tire of these fantastic views?  I hope not.  I continue to be in awe of the same sights on different days, in different weathers and at different times.  

I finally got the opportunity to see Glen Manor Ravine covered in snow during daylight hours…. It was everything that I hoped it would be.  A winter wonderland right on my door step.

  The park beyond the Ravine (Glen Manor Park) looked moody and winters with the cloudy grey sky and the snow on the trees and covering the grass, and what was an ice rink a few weeks ago.  Kew Gardens offered a snow covered pavilion. 
 Some of my favourite beach views with the moody sky.  My home won’t just be a shrine to Canada with pictures on the walls one day, I think I have enough amazing photos to make a wallpaper collage.


The sky hasn’t always been moody lately and I was lucky enough  to see the gorgeous sights of my favourite hidden beach covered in snow with bright blue skies.  The water with the sun bouncing off it looked good enough to jump in.  The snow and the mini icebergs were enough to stop this urge before anything got out of control.  It was crazy how the tunnel that we explored in the summer had ice covering the entrance where the water had run down and made a curtain of icicles.   



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