Eldred King Woodlands, Nr. Newmarket

Monday was a Family Day Bank Holiday, so it was a nice long weekend.  As if I hadn’t already done enough fun stuff, one of the Brits hired a car to head slightly north for a bit of a hike in the snow.  We went to Eldred King Woodlands, near Newmarket.  Toronto itself didn’t have much snow at the weekend, but the woods out of the city didn’t disappoint and we encountered lots of deep snow, a frozen pond and frozen streams to exclaim over.  We hiked from 11.15 until getting in the car at 4pm.  It was great fun and lots of giggles were had by all.  In particular at/ with Matts friend who wore boots with a smooth flat sole.  The poor girl had to climb the hills on her hands and knees.  We met lots of dogs (wearing an array of boots and jackets), lay in the snow, threw the snow, took a picnic and, of course, took hundreds of photos.  We passed a few horses which made me miss being around them, I am keen to have a go at riding with a Western Saddle at some point.  The smell of a  dung heap we walked past reminded me of home.  Only those who have grown up on farms or around horses will understand how comforting and homely the smell of animals and their dung can be!  



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