Scarborough Bluffs

Sunday of this weekend brought yet another unexpected outstanding view.  In the summer, me and some of the Brits went to the zoo and then headed to Scarborough Bluffs.  It was raining heavily and we were all tired, soggy and cold and we couldnt find the beach.  We drove in circles and ended up grumpily aborting the mission.  Me and one of the original Brits decided to give it another go yesterday.  Turns out we were only metres from where we needed to be last time in the rain!  

 The actual Bluffs are just cliffs.  They are not particularly exciting.  The surprise was seeing how bits of the lake were frozen.  The edge of the water was covered in ice, there were floating chunks of ice and glittering crystals in the sun.  In the distance, the steam seemed to be coming off the water as with the lakes on Saturday.  Looking out over the water, it was like something from a film. 

   There was really light snow falling around us catching the sun so it looked like tiny flecks of glitter.

As we continued walking around the edge of the water, we found rocks covered in icicles.  It was so pretty, we thought nothing of lying on the rocks to get a better view of the lower ones underneath. 

 Further around again and found swans, ducks and other birds.  Some swimming in bits of unfrozen lake and others sitting happily in the sunshine on ice.  There was a bush without leaves coated in ice like a beautiful glass ornament placed at the waters edge.  With the swans in the background, it was such an unexpected surprise.  

 This was another sight that pictures cannot do justice.  The views were spectacular.  I think we just happened to catch an ordinary beach with ordinary cliffs on an extraordinary day.  


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