Off to the doctor

This weeks new experience saw me heading off to the Doctor.  Now, in Canada they seem to have a physical every year.  It involves an overall check up of ears, throat, sight etc etc.  I dont think we have this at home? We just go when we are ill.  Anyway, in I pottered, fairly open to seeing what was what but not as open as I was when I went to the Dentist.  I flashed my shiny new OHIP card to reception and waited for my turn.  The nurse appeared and weighed me, measured me, checked my eyes and asked lots of questions.  Then she asked me to put on a backless gown.  I asked why and explained I didnt know what it entailed and wanted to know what else was being checked.  She seemed confused at my curiosity, most people must just put the gown on.  Anyway, she said my reflexes and chest were to be checked?! I dont think either of these things require a backless gown, so I respectfully declined.  The doctor appeared and said nothing about my gownless state.  He checked my breathing, ears, in my mouth, prodded my abdomen and asked me to push against his hands with mine to check strength.  I took this very seriously and nearly pushed the poor man in to the opposite wall.  The weights are paying off!  Anyway after this, I, again, asked what the purpose of the gown was as nothing seemed to require it…. He said, some people feel more comfortable in a gown.  Who?! Who feels more comfortable in a gown, a backless gown, an uncomfortable looking paper gown that shows their bottom for no good reason than in leggings and a strappy top?!  I am still genuinely baffled by this. Anyway, they did not tell me anything was wrong, so I assume I am a healthy little cherub.  I can say little now as I lost four pounds this week.   Slowly, but surely, the quest to fit into anything other than my “just in case I gain weight in Canada skirt” is progressing.

Aside from the general check up, I asked for a prescription for some massages.  My non optional benefits plan through work covers massage with a prescription, happy days.


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