Sweet Jesus, Boots and Bourbon and a Mechanical Bull

I always expected Canada to have this amazing selection of hot chocolates and thought I would be able to get huge hot chocolates topped with cream and sprinkles of chocolate on every street corner.  I read a blog a couple of weeks ago that showed me exactely where I could find this specialty.  Sweet Jesus was the place for me.  I contacted some Brits and down we went.  The hot chocolate was everything I hoped for from pictures.  It was amazing.  The selection of ice creams, desserts and drinks was mouthwatering and making a decision was a drama.  I went with a classic hot chocolate and can’t wait for next time. 

 One thing that I have missed since being in Canada is a good night club.  I didn’t used to go out often at home, but did enjoy my occasional nights out at Union Rooms and Two Trees!  I went out with a couple of buddies from the bar to a bar down the road I keep meaning to go to…. Boots and Bourbon.  They have a mechanical bull that stays up until around 10pm when they take it down so there is space for a dance floor.  We all had a go on the bull.  I am ashamed to say that, despite years of horse riding, I didn’t last more than about 3 seconds at the most!  And that is probably exaggerating how long I lasted.  There was a family band playing called The Reklaws.  I had a fantastic night dancing.  This is by far the funniest bar I have been to here so far and the first one that has made me want to get properly dressed up and dance.  I loved it and can’t wait to go again!  They do line dancing on a Thursday night, I also intend to do this at some point.

In addition to the above adventures, I took my usual stroll around the neighbourhood to check out the changes given the warmth this weekend.  The squirrels were running around full of energy, the sun was shining and the air felt fresh as if Spring is around the corner.  This was two days ago and as I sit here writing this, there is some sort of windy snow situation blowing around outside again.  I walked through the park where the random ice rink was a couple of weeks ago and it is now just some sad looking frozen water, the rocks are clear again and shiny appearance is matt once more, with no signs of the pretty icicles that I photographed before.   



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