Nordik Spa, Quebec 

 Today, I had the treat of going to the Nordik Spa in Quebec.  It is about 30 minutes from Ottawa and is made up of a number of outdoor pools and saunas with treatments and restaurants.  

I arrived early hoping to get some extra time in the hot pools before my massage, but there was a 30 minute queue out of the door.  On the bright side, it made me a bit more stressed and cold before my treatments!  The spa was surrounded by trees and covered in snow, with it at the side of the pools and walkways making the place picturesque.  As it got dark, they lit fairy lights and candles everywhere.  The temperature was -5, feels like -8 and the steam coming off the hot pools made it like something from a film. In fact, when I booked it, the pictures reminded me of the last hostel film where she falls asleep and wakes up in the hot pool on her own, and then the bad guys appear…. 

The different areas have signs on the doors saying if you can talk.  After some pointed huffing, sitting up, glaring and adjusting my towel – two guys still didnt be quiet.  I went out, checked the sign, came back in and asked them to be quiet.  I never thought this day would come.

The restaurants all had log fires burning and I went in in my robe and had a chilli.  Delicious and what a great food for the weather.  You get a wrist band connected to your credit card, so you can get drinks and food whenever.

I did the hot areas (an endless array of saunas, steam rooms and hot pools) and decided that there wasnt too much point going in the cold pool when you are walking between areas on crunchy snow and ice barefoot in the minus degrees.  As a token effort, I did ensure I submerged myself up to my neck once in the cold pool.  It was breathtaking.  To give an idea of the cold, after my towel got wet and I left it hanging by one of the pools, it was crunchy when I got out!

I had two treatments.  A massage with a lady called Andreanne and an exfoliating body treatment with Rachel, who turned out to be from Derby.  The massage was brilliant, it went on and one and felt like I was lying on the hot bed for hours.  I was so sleepy when I trotted off for my second treatment.  For this, she exfoliated and moisturised my whole body and face.  There was also lots of putting of really hot towels on me which I very much enjoyed. We shared stories of how Canadians dont always get our British humour and which TV shows we miss.  My skin is crazy soft right now

There are a couple of things I will remember for next time…. Take flip flops – the floor was silly cold, get there early enough to account for the queue, take a book to sit by the fire in the rest areas, and I would probably book my treatments with time between and end on the massage before going home.

I left the spa at around 10.45pm.  It was fantastic. I cant wait to go back.  It was the perfect treat to spend some Christmas money on.  Other than the annoying queue to get in, I genuinely cant fault the place – brilliant, relaxing, stress relieving. 



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