Tattoos and Goodbyes

My weekend has been full, but I havent done much!  It began with a visit to a tattooist on Friday after work.  I have wanted a new one on my foot for some time and I finally got it done.  I went to a little place in Kensington Market, Reactive Ink.  The guy was so friendly and did a great job.   I ended up getting two of the tattoos that I wanted – a quote on one foot and a star on the sole of my other foot.  I love them and cant wait for flip flop weather! 

 I hobbled off with my feet wrapped in plastic to a farewell party for one of the Brits.  It is so hard when you meet someone you just get on so well with, and can be completely yourself with and have to say goodbye so soon.  She heads to British Colombia in a few months after some time back in the UK, so hopefully I will get a chance to head West at some point and have a tour guide waiting at the other end.  It is strange to feel so sad when you have only known someone for such a short space of time.

Saturday day time came and went with little to report.  I find that the amount of travel I am doing in the week is making me exhausted and my weekends are spent mostly catching up on sleep and recharging my batteries.  I did manage to grab a hot chocolate at The Bean and have a stroll on the beach.  Oh, and I also wore heels for the first time in Canada!  My ankle did me proud and I happily pottered around the beach in heeled boots!  

Saturday night was spent at the pub.  I had a lovely evening socialising with so many people that popped in and out.  It was nice to catch up with some locals I havent seen properly for a few weeks.  There was lots of 80s and 90s cheesy pop music on the juke box, singing, dancing and laughter.  I had a few malibus and then spent the evening on cups of tea – lovely!  Home at 1.30am after only planning a couple of hours down there.  I had a lovely evening.  One of my pub buddies got me a Maple Leafs Toque which was a nice surprise.  I am under strict orders to behave like a Canadian and call it a toque, not a hat.

Sunday night brought me 3 Brits to visit for a Sunday roast!  We spent an hour and a half cooking and troughed it so quickly we could barely move.  Beyond well fed to the point of greediness.  I am proud to say I was the only one to finish my plate full.   



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