My Saturday afternoon walk before the roast through threw out some nice surprises.  Firstly, as I came out of the ravine and through the park at the bottom, I was excited to discover there is a little ice rink there!  Trust the Canadians to just throw a random rink on the grass at one end of a little park.  It was so random, and so nice to see. 

 My surprises did not end there.  I went down to the boardwalk for a walk along the beach and was amazed to discover that the rocks and piers I was walking on only two weeks ago were covered in a thick layer of ice.  The piers had slippery coatings of ice and the sand at the waters edge was frozen.  Along the edge of the piers were icicles.  In amongst the rocks, there were so many different shapes and sizes of icicles sparkling.  It is amazing how it stays frozen even during the sunshine in the day time.  I was mesmerized by all the ice and spent ages walking around admiring the formations.  A walk that I expected to give me the usual sights and comfortable familiarity through out surprises that I couldnt stop admiring.  The waves were lovely crashing onto the beach and in among the rocks.    The pictures just do not do todays simple pleasures justice.   



One thought on “Icicles  

  1. Small world I was skating on that ice earlier today. Sadly it’s not in the greatest condition. But on the plus side since it’s on a slight downhill you can just coast from the north end to the south without moving your skates.

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