The Fox 

Since living in the beaches, I keep meaning to go to The Fox Theatre.. It always looks so cute and old fashioned – there is even a little booth out at the front for staff to sell tickets!  They also sell alcohol which is unusual in cinemas.  There has always been something stopping me going – too hot to leave the beach in the summer, no films I want to see or just too busy.  This weekend, they were finally showing the last Hunger Games film, so off I went. As an eternally cold person, I wrapped up warm in preparation for the fridge like atmosphere most cinemas create with their air con.  It was warm! And cosy!  I was able to take my coat, scarf and even winter boots off and curl up on the old fashioned fold down seats, both comfortable and warm and enjoying my Kit Kat.  It was only $11 (around £5)!  The concession stand closed 15 mins into the film and the cinema was actually dark like I remember them being when I was little.

It was so welcoming and cosy that when the film ended, I could have stayed curled up in my seat for another one.  It was a much needed escape into a secret little world free from any outside people, social media or other things that I felt I should be tending to.  I cant wait to go back – though they only do plain popcorn so I may need to take a sugar shaker next time! 



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