Not in:  Gone to the Gym

The past two weeks have brought with them a renewed motivation for the gym and portion control.  I havent done a great deal else if I am honest, but the gym has been keeping me occupied and happy.  I have already beaten my best distance run in 15 minutes… twice, I have lost 5 pounds, I have signed up for a 5k run in March and I have made a new gym friend through Facebook.  It is so nice to have someone to go to the gym with again!  I have felt a lot of good gym aches, and some not so great gym aches after I went a little overboard with leg day!

Whilst I have been at the gym, my landlady has been sprucing up the apartment.  Each day, I have come home to something different that has changed – repainted ceiling, retiled kitchen, steam cleaning, a new sofabed, new lighting, new chairs.  I even came home to some cushions and, because she knows I like Canadian themed things around, some tea towels with a Canadian flag and a moose on them.  I have extra space with a big double cupboard in the hallway and a chest of drawers in my room now.  It has been exciting coming home and noticing different little changes each day.  I sat and watched a film in the living area for the first time.  My new room mate bailed two days before he was due to move in and I have had a nice couple of weeks with the place to myself, though not much is different as I just hang out in my room after the gym most of the time. 

 At the weekend, I had a nice little walk around The Beaches.  One day, I might go somewhere different, but I did my standard favourite walk around the area – The Ravine, Kew Gardens and The Boardwalk.  I love that I havent got tired of this walk, despite doing it most weekends.  I also love that I often notice something different.  This time,  we (me, a Brit and a Texan) walked up the crazy steep set of steps that I have never tackled in The Ravine.  With post leg day muscle dramas, this was horrific.  My next challenge is to tackle them without stopping for a pain break and a breather!  The view from the top was a new different, but equally lovely view.  Of course we fed my buddies, the squirrels, in the park and had gallons of cups of tea in The Remarkable Bean. 

 Oh, and yesterday, my OHIP card came.  This means I can now go to the doctor or hospital and flash my Canada card rather than my credit card.  This is a relief after the costs and hassle associated with my ankle when I got here.


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