What does minus 13 feel like?

On Sunday night, there was word on the street that Monday was going to be a cold one.  On Monday morning, I woke up to lots of Facebook posts about how crazy cold it was. The weather forecast said -13, but with the wind, feels like -22.  I was somewhat concerned as I the person that is always cold.  I have hot water bottles in the summer.  I put on long thick socks, winter boots, my winter coat with a vest, a tshirt, a long sleeved top and a hoody underneath, a thick scarf and I dug out the uber warm winter gloves I bought a while ago.  By the time I got to the bus stop – my breath on my scarf had frozen and there was a layer of ice on it!  This is crazy! I walked past a group of school children wearing normal footwear and heard them complaining their feet were cold.  I looked down smugly at my winter boots. COn the flip side, I think I went over board and had a perspiration level that the treadmill would be happy with!  

Given that this is by far the coldest weather I have ever been exposed to, I am impressed with how I didnt curl up in a ball and hide!   Yes it was cold, yes any exposed skin tingled and my legs went red, however, it was bearable.  As they told me in Girl Guides, “Be Prepared” – this seems to be the key.  

I have found it to be colder inside as I am not wearing my warm coat and boots.  I potter around at work with my hot water bottle and try to get the apartment to a tropical level of warmth when I get home.  I have no doubt that there is worse to come, but for now, I am happy that this is not too bad.  

As a side note, the snow from last week is still at the roadsides – one thing that I just dont seem to be learning is not to kick it! It is now rock solid and hurts my foot.  


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