Toronto Islands #3 

Yesterday, we planned to head to Niagara Falls for a day out.  One friend overslept, so we missed the 10am bus.  We went to cafe where they served tea in a pint glass and croissants without butter?! We went for the 11am bus and they wouldnt let us on because I didnt have ID with me.  What a start to the last day of the holidays.  As it happened, it all turned out for the best as I think our impromptu plan b was much more fun than if we had got on the bus.

Not wanting to waste the day, we decided to head for Toronto Islands.  We purchased supplies from Tim Hortons and hopped on the ferry.  A somewhat different ferry to the big summer one. This one was  tiny car ferry with a couple of rooms with seats.  Lovely warm rooms.    

  The ferry was only running to Wards Island.  We found somewhere slightly sheltered to eat our lunch (Tims Chilli) and the headed for the beach, followed by a cup of tea in the cafe to warm up.  We walked along the wooden path by the water to the pier at Centre Island and found a maze to play in.  I dont know how the children find the middle, as we tried for ages! Even with gaps in the trees allowing us to see the middle through the fence, we couldnt get there.  

  The whole place is different in the winter with the businesses boarded up, the decorative pools and fountain empty and a distinct lack of people.  I really enjoyed the lack of people and how we could just potter around as if it was almost our own private island.  

The pond with the ducks in was partially frozen and there was still snow on the ground in places after last weeks mini snow storm.  Throughout the day, there were short flurries of snow, but nothing too much.  


   We went to Far Enough Farm, the little zoo that I visited in the summer.  It said it was open 24/7, so we got to see the the rude ponies that wouldnt come and say hello now or in the summer, the geese that honked angrily at us as we walked past, and an anti social jersey cow.  Luckily, we spotted the indoor area and found the massive pig that was there before, a baby llama and a small cow with a hump on its back.  The cow was a Brahman/ Zebu breed of cow – apparently lives longer than others and more friendly.  I loved being able to pet the cow and the llama.  I miss animals!  I could have stayed there for hours.  If they would have let me, I would have sat in the stable with the cow and a book enjoying the companionship.   

  By this point, cold was starting to take its toll on us and we headed back to the cafe for a hot chocolate, with cream on top obviously.  

  Back on the ferry and home for a hot bath.  It was a cold end to the day, but just a taster of what todays weather had in store.   



2 thoughts on “Toronto Islands #3 

  1. Great pics, the islands are fantastic all year round. Just a heads up there is a nude beach there that I suggest to all to be aware off if you’re planning a trip. Nothing worse then accidently setting up a picnic in the middle of it. Or washing up ashore after paddle boarding, it can be traumatic experience.


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