To Do List for 2016

I always think that the whole new year, new me thing is a bit cliched, however, I cant deny that it seems like a good time to write some goals for the year.  Here goes:

  • Visit Ottawa
  • Visit Montreal
  • Visit Newfoundland
  • Visit Hamilton for its trails and waterfalls
  • Visit Algonquin
  • Visit Blue Mountain
  • Run a 5K / 10K
  • Go horse riding
  • Try stand up paddle boarding
  • Decide if I want to apply for residency
  • Have a BBQ on the beach
  • Find a pole studio that I can attend at least once a month
  • Eat at the O’Noir restaurant
  • Go to the comedy night just down the road that I keep meaning to go to and haven’t gotten around to
  • Go canoeing/ kayaking
  • Find a fitness friend for weights or running
  • Visit the Fox Theatre

There are, of course, a number of ongoing Canada goals as well, good ones to focus on include:

  • See a moose/ bear/ beaver in the wild
  • See the circus
  • See a rodeo

These things are all achievable in the given time frame – everyone loves a SMART goal.  Money may be a concern, but I will deal with that as the year progresses.  For now, step 1 is Ottawa at the end of this month.  I am looking forward to staying in the old jail that is now a hostel there, visiting a spa, seeing the hopefully frozen Rideau Canal and pottering about to see what the capital city of this country I love so much has to offer.  I have been warned that there is not too much, so hopefully two nights should do the trick!




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