New Years Eve in Toronto

I was feeling a little anxious in the lead up to New Years Eve.  I am never too bothered if I do anything or not, but I like to know if I am doing something.  Luckily, we managed to convince one of the Brits that having a house party was the way forward.

It was nice to have an excuse to put make up on and do my hair.  I promised myself that coming to Toronto, I was going to make more effort with these things and not fall into the jeans, trainers and a hoody trap.  I have fallen not far from this trap and enjoyed the chance to dress up – and wear my new necklace that the sibling got me for Christmas.

Before going to the party, I popped into the pub for a drink and a chat with some locals.  I ended up taking two along to the party – it was nice to spend the night with a couple of Canadian friends as well as the usual Brits.

The party was a good one, full of laughter, random conversations, establishing friendships, playing drinking games and general tomfoolery.  There was some random singing where we realised that no-one knew the words to Auld Lang Syne, Oh Canada or God Save the Queen.  We managed to get through the Lords Prayer with about four of us contributing!  The rest of the hilarity and comedy moments are probably best left untold, but suffice to say that I had a fantastic night.

Happy New Year!







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