2016 in Canada

After the aforementioned New Years Eve party, there was very little going on on New Years day in my world.  It was light when I got in, so I spent a significant amount of the day in bed being uber lazy.  During this laziness, my room mate was moving out, so it was probably best that I was out of the way while her and her boyfriend organised.

It has been nice to have the apartment to myself today, and until next weekend when my new room mate moves in, however, I will miss Nathalie a lot and it will be strange not having her around.  Although we didn’t sit together all the time, we had the perfect balance of chatting when we wanted to and going to our rooms without being offended if the other just wanted quiet.  My past experiences living with room mates have not always been positive ones, so I am a bit nervous about how the new chap will pan out.  I have been rather spoiled during my time here as Nathalie would do little things like put the heater on my room when I was due home so I didn’t get too cold etc.  I think Mavis has been missing her as well as she has been quiet since she left.

Today I taught my first Body Blast class of the year and then headed back home through the Ravine.  The Ravine still has some snow and was really pretty to walk through.  I love how it is constantly changing, and cant wait to catch it when it is coated fully in white.  It was snowing a little today as I walked through – it was just what I wanted from Canada, being wrapped up warmly and taking a stroll in the snow.  For now, I have a hot chocolate and am watching one of my favourite films, Bad Teacher, for the first of many times this year.  I intended to go to the gym, but ended up just felt like staying in and doing very little instead. 



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