Powdery SNOW

After a couple of false starts with a few flakes of snow over the last couple of months, it finally happened.  Last night the snow came, and kept on coming, and settled.   

 I went into the fitness studio and the ground was clear, an hour later when I came out, everywhere was beautifully white.  I rush home and got wrapped up ready to go and play in the snow.  I ran to the beach because the snow wasnt wet and cold like home.  The air wasnt too cold in the early evening and I ran on the boardwalk, wrote my name in the snow and watched the huge waves. The winds were strong and blowing snow accross the boardwalk – luckily blowing west, so I could walk without much drama.  I tried to gather snow with thoughts of building some sort or snow man, but the snow was soft and powdery and wouldnt stick together.  

 I walked through Kew Gardens and saw the Christmas Tree and the pavilion surrounded by snow.  The ice rink was covered in snow.  I had a cup of tea in Tim Hortons and met someone in there who I went for a walk and a chat on the boardwalk with.  We had to walk backwards as the wind was blowing hard gritty cold snow by this point and we couldnt keep our eyes open walking forwards.  The Canadians called it ice rain or frozen rain, is this not just hail?  

When I got home, I was excited to find after being out of the snow for a good half an hour, as I had been warned about, my hair had got wet where it was snowed on and was crunchy where the ice in my hair was frozen.   

 The walk to the bus stop for work this morning was somewhat interesting.  The roads were not cleared as the Canadians led me to believe they would be.  The small areas of pavement (sidewalk) that people had cleared had refrozen creating mini ice rinks.  A crunchy adventure to start this short week. 




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