Christmas Day

Well, after all the build up, the day is done.  What did I do for Christmas?  It was a nice quiet one.  I had a slow start with a bit of a lie in, not a lie in in terms of my standard efforts, but compared to work days, a lie in.  Turkey in, after a short drama over the amount of blood, the neck that I managed to retrieve and the search for giblets. This search involved a torch – I couldnt see them and assumed not there.  10 hours later during the final turkey dismemberment we discovered them in there, in a bag.

Now, I felt like I should make some sort of fitness effort, so I did 50 push ups.  Nice token effort to start the day.  

A friend came over for the day from Downtown.  The Brit from Brighton that I think has previously featured.  A new friend that feels like an old friend.  We both wanted a quiet Christmas, so spent the day chatting, cooking eating a roast dinner, consuming lots of chocolate and cheese and crackers, listening to the Wurzels Christmas album and watching Eastenders.  Mavis joined us in the living room for the day, and had some broccoli and crackers for Christmas Dinner.

I spoke to family in the morning and opened presents.  I was lucky to get lots of chocolate from home – selection boxes, galaxy, mint options and kinder – soooo good.  Also some Belgian white chocolate that looks and smells amazing.  I had some really cute and thoughtful gifts that meant a lot and a whole pile of exciting red tissue paper wrapped bits from the sibling.  I have some new gym kit to be wearing when I get back there tomorrow and during the fight for machines during the January resolution rush. 

 We went for a walk along the boardwalk after turkey.  It was really busy with dogs and children all over the shop.  We spotted people with coffee cups and, after some enquiries, headed to Starbucks for some sugar based warm beverages.  Now, I say warm, but dont be under any illusion this was because it was cold.  I would have swum in the lake, I really would!  We fed the squirrels cashew nuts in the park.  And then popped briefly into a pub to wish a friend Happy Birthday and Christmas.  

I was amazed to see that Shoppers (kind of like Boots) was open.  On Christmas Day.  The pubs close at 3/4pm on Christmas Eve, but Shoppers is open on Christmas Day.  Come on Canada, even you must admit this is weird?

After our venture into the outside world, there was more chocolate, more turkey, more cheese and crackers and more Eastenders.  I loved that in true Christmas Day style I had to explain it all, just like when watching with the parents.  I know its just a soap, but it has always been a Christmas Day must watch and I was glad I got to keep this tradition.

Home Alone 2 came with a change of pace, a dimming of lights and difficulty staying awake!  After my chum left, I popped into the pub for half an hour for a malibu and a natter and then headed home.  Here I am.  I have had so many heaters on in anticipation of cold, I almost dont miss the log fire at home as I have managed to create the same overheating effect we manage with the fire every year.

So thats it for Christmas Day this year.  Tomorrow hopefully brings Boxing Day sales  and some fitness.   Next year, who knows?  I dont even know what country I will be in, but as an alternative Christmas, I am happy with today.   



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