Winter in The Beaches

You will hate the snow when it comes, they said.  Just wait until November, they said.  November came… Just wait until December, they said.  Well, the great snow that other parts of the world are led to believe Canada has is still not here.  I am still hoping it is coming soon, though losing hope for a white Christmas. Maybe January?

Despite the lack of white, the trees have lost their leaves, the air is getting colder (though hasnt beaten England yet) and smoke is coming out of peoples chimney pots.  The houses have pretty trees in the windows and the outdoor trees are all covered with lights.  

We put our tree up in the apartment, a real one of course.   It has a good random mish mash of decorations we have collected from places with a story behind most of them.  There is a Canadian flag, Belgian flag and, in lieu of an English flag, a PG Tips tin!  

  This weekend began with a late lunch with the day job crew, followed by tasty treats and festive socialising at the studio for the fitness Christmas do.  I taught a Body Blast class yesterday, had a lovely walk along my favourite route through Glen Manor ravine and met a friend downtown for a hot chocolate and a wander around the Eaton Center.  After a bath with a Lush bath bomb and a much appreciated Soaplife magazine from home to catch up on the TV news, I was asleep by 7! 

 This afternoon I grabbed my ice skates and headed to the ice rink at Kew Gardens near me.  I went down on Thursday and there was a sign saying it wasnt cold enough for the ice to stay frozen, but luckily it was open today.  There was a lot of water on the surface, so I was glad I stayed upright!  I havent been able to get to the place I have to go to get my OHIP (Canadian Healthcare – eligible after 3 months employment) yet, so a fall would have been a drama.  Having not been on skates for more than fifteen years, I learnt that it is not something that is easy to pick straight back up again!  I wobbled my way around staying close to the edge with words of encouragement from parents watching their kids zooming around!  I had great fun though and cant wait to go again! What better winter entertainment than skating at a free outdoor rink in Canada. 



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