New York in summary

So, New York overall…. 

Things I did:

  • Empire state building
  • Statue of liberty
  • Staten island ferry
  • Central park
  • Bethesda fountain
  • Waldorf astoria
  • World trade center
  • Rockefeller center
  • Bloomingdales
  • Macys
  • Serendipity
  • McGees (How I met your mother pub)
  • Times square
  • Bryant park

I think I did pretty well to squeeze all of the above in, and go to a wedding in New Jersey with about 55 hours in the city.

The wedding was one of the Brits marrying his American fiance in New Jersey.  It was a great reception, nice venue, amazing food.  I loved how they announced the bridal party who came in in pairs to Walking on Sunshine. 

 Bryant park – I stumbled across this park by accident.  It was a magical little park with an ice rink and some old music playing over the speakers.  Little permanent shops in huts around the edge and a calm and quaint atmosphere made it a lovely place to visit on a sunny Sunday morning. I bought a snowflake necklace and a pretty ring. 

 McGees pub – not really like the How I met your Mother pub at all!  I had a nice meal and chatted to some random people I was sat at the bar with.

The Hostel – I stayed at the Chelsea International Hostel.  I was nervous about staying in a hostel but had little choice.  I imagined noise, drink, teenagers and grubbiness.  The room was clean (I had a private room) and breakfast was provided.  The staff were amazingly helpful throughout my stay and I would recommend it to anybody in need of somewhere to stay in New York.  Airbnb continued to be amazing after the debacle, checking in with me.  My intended host messaged a couple more times apologising, but she never did seem to grasp that what appears to her to be a bit of an inconvenience is very different to the person who is on their own in a strange country with no idea what to do or where to go.  Also, a late check in is not okay in a city where you cant take your luggage anywhere with you in case you are a terrorist.

Christmas trees – there were Christmas tree shops on the corners of many streets.  It smelt lovely walking past and I enjoyed seeing all different trees and stands, reindeer and decorations made from trees and wood. 

 I did everything I wanted to do and all the stuff on my ‘if I have time’ list.  I got lost a few times, took cabs, subways and eventually figured out that Downtown in Manhattan is away from busy bit (the opposite Toronto where Downtown is the busy bit).  I found that, as they say, the city does not sleep.  I found that most of the New Yorkers I met were rude and unhelpful, in particular if they were in a customer service role.  I did love the way they say coffee though… “cworfee” – great accents.  I also enjoyed the amount of street music everywhere.  Dancers, singers and entertainment in all different forms.  It was great to watch and I think every city should have more of this.

I missed Toronto and Canadians, and Tim Hortons.  I wasnt expecting to miss Toronto so much after being away for a day!! I enjoyed the touristy things I did, I enjoyed my shopping and I did some fun things.  I didnt think there was a city I would like to live in less than London, but this is it!  I know my trip was a little tainted with a lot of bad luck, but would I go back to New York? At this moment, I will politely decline and, as I am back in Canada, say “Sorry”.  

Its good to be home.



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