Central Park

Central Park was lovely, as expected.  The leaves were still falling and the air was crisp, yet sunny with a blue sky.  A couple of hours strolling around the park was the last thing I did before heading for the hostel to get my bags and get to the airport.  I walked past parks, a lot of bridges, water, volleyball courts, rocks and lots of crowds of people.  I saw the Bethesda Fountain where films such as 27 Dresses and Enchanted did some filming, and also the Cherry Hill Fountain which is on all the tourist maps at the fountain from Friends, but actually isnt?!  I saw the ice rink featured on many films.  How does Central Park compare?  It is definitely the nicest park I have been in scenery wise, the kind of place that I could sit and read a book or have a picnic, if not for all the crowds of people. 

 One corner of Central Park had a cute Christmas market with red and white striped stalls and lots of crafty and Christmassy items for sale.  

There were horses all down the side of the park for carriage rides around the park.   



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