World Trade Center

Today (Sunday) took me heading Downtown to the World Trade Center.  I began the day with a fresh start hoping to rid myself of the bad luck.  I managed to do this by pouring a hot cup of tea all over me.  It then seemed like a good plan to take the subway downtown for ease instead of walking, therefore reducing risk of getting lost.  I spent over an hour walking around Penn Station trying to figure out where to get the subway and tickets. Staff were unhelpful, random people were unhelpful, police were unhelpful.  After many circles and eventual tears with another policeman, I managed to get myself to the World Trade Center.  After sharing my woes with two nice ladies on the subway, they kindly walked me to the WTC site.    

 I expected the whole site to be eerily quiet with a weird atmosphere.  It was actually a lovely sunny day with crowds of people and noise.  New York is never quiet. I saw the Freedom Tower that was built after the towers came down and the pools beside it.  The pools were big with waterfalls around the edges – a lovely sight with the trees around and the sun and blue sky.  I hadnt seen pictures and so had no idea what to expect.  There was also a “Survivor Tree” that I had not heard of.  Apparently, one young tree survived and was found in the wreckage and has now been planted in the memorial garden.  I never really thought it would be an emotional place to visit for me as I dont usually get affected by memorials after an event.  I was surprised how much it hit me seeing all the names written around the edge of the pools, and one in particular “Rahma Salie and her unborn child”.   Writing this makes me feel emotional again.  Visiting the site really makes the enormity of it hit home.  I took pictures, but even questioned whether it felt okay doing that. It didnt feel right taking any with me in.  



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