Staten Island Ferry, Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge

After visiting the World Trade Center memorial garden, I headed for the Staten Island Ferry to check out the Statue of Liberty. Again, encountered a number of rude New Yorkers on the way. The ferry is free and a good way to see the Statue of Liberty if you dont want to pay for a boat trip. It is also a nice little ferry ride. I was hoping to go up to the crown in the Statue, but tickets were sold out for the whole of December, so happy to see it this way. I was surprised how busy the ferry was as on TV, it always seems quiet (I am thinking of Sex and the City and How I met your mother).
Whilst waiting for the ferry back, there were some guys singing that reminded me of a barber shop quartet in their great timing and cheerful singing. I chatted to a girl from Carolina with a fabulous accent – I loved the drawl!

I had a good view of the Statue of Liberty and the skyline. Lovely. I do feel it would be wrong not to add though that it is no way comparable to the Toronto Islands skyline view which is incredible. 

 After this, I walked up to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked across it. The non traffic bit is split in two parts, cyclists and walkers, which seems to have caused a great deal of walking congestion and the few cyclists were angry when we walked on their turf. I am so glad I went to the bridge thought and would definitely recommend it. Pretty views and a nice walk in the sunshine. And, of course, it is where Miranda and Steve from Sex and the City agreed to meet if they want to be together. If I went back to New York, I would do this again for sure.  

 I even managed to get the subway back relatively hassle free.   



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