In other news

This week has involved what feels like a lot of running around.  Work carol service, fundraising for work, gym, sunbeds, laundry, New York organising. 

My lovely thick winter coat has now been worn – I still think I could have waited til it was a bit colder, but it is just so cosy and snuggly.  I kind of want to sleep in it. 

I saw some Frat Houses like on the TV and films with the letters outside.  It was around 5pm that I passed by, but I still kind of expected/ hoped for music, parties and some kegs of beer to be present.  I was hoping for something like on the film Bad Neighbours.  There was no one around, no noise, no beer bottles on the lawn or silly string in the trees.  

  Last nights, I went to a Christmas party.  Two of the Brits hosted dinner and a film in their condo buildings private cinema.  We had hot dogs, watched Home Alone and did Secret Santa.  It was a great fun and really nice to have a festive get together. 

 The Toronto sign has changed yet again and the water in front of it that had fountains in the summer is now an ice rink.  I bought some ice skates from Kijiji this week for $10 (£5) in as new condition, so am looking forward to trying them out at one of the ice rinks popping up around the city when I return from New York. 



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