At the weekend, I attended a Boot Camp Instructor training course.  Whilst already instructing classes over the summer and occasional cover classes now, I wanted to get some more training under my belt and build up some Canadian qualifications.  

The course covered kettlebells, suspension training, stability ball and partner training.   It just reaffirmed how much I want to give the Fitness Instructing more of a go.  I made some useful contacts and got a recognised certficate. 

What to do next gives me a bit of a headache!  I want to continue learning and hopefully enroll on a kettlebell course in February, and eventually do my Les Mills Step Instructor training. I also now know how to get my English Fitness Instructor course converted into a Canadian one.  Do I do my own boot camps somewhere?  Do I hand resumes out everywhere?  Do I apply for fitness jobs?  It is hard to know what to do sometimes and, whilst I dont need to make any decisions immediately, I do have a clock ticking on my stay in Canada and there is so much I want to do.


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