Toronto Christmas Market, Distillery District

This evening, I went off to the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District.  It was a nice little walk around to finish off the weekend.  It didn’t leave me feeling particularly festive or magical, but it was a nice stroll.  I think the grumpy staff at the market had a big impact on me not feeling particularly infused with festive cheer.  They all seemed a bit fed up and not how Canadians have generally been so far.  Normally, I cant pass anywhere near a working Canadian without a big cheerful “Hey, how are you?”.  These just grunted or gave a forced “Hi”.  There were lots of different stalls selling all sorts of Christmas gifts and foods, but nothing under $10 that really  grabbed me and I wasnt there for big spending. 

 The lights were pretty and there were lovely snow flakes projected on to the walls.  There was a gingerbread house, lots of big plastic snowmen and festive music. Oh, and of course, there was Santa with lots of children queuing to meet him. 



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