Avenue Q 

Friday night this week brought a Brit adventure downtown to the Lower Ossington Theatre to see a musical called Avenue Q.

Before the show, we went to The Bristol and Bombay, a nice friendly British bar for some food.  I had a macaroni cheese pie with mash and mushy peas.  It was one of the nicest meals I have eaten since being in Canada. 

Off to the show.  I wanted to see this show in England as they were in Torquay last year.  I didnt realise they were Canadian and expected it to be all English folk.  I watched the youtube clips which were hilarious, but it was even funnier in real life.  It is basically a puppet show where the puppets sing comedy songs, many of which are hilariously un-pc.  I find myself typing this on the streetcar trying not to sing “everyones a little bit racist” or “the internet is for porn”, such catchy tunes, but here is not the time to be singing out loud. 

I watched the puppeteers carefully, and they were moving their bodies and faces in perfect time with their voices and the puppets.  At times, they were switching between different puppets with different voices and mannerisms.  The singing was great and it was just an overall fantastic show!  The cast seemed to be genuinely really happy and enjoying it throughout. Hilariously inappropriate, laugh out loud funny, and the only place I have seen such comedy x-rated behaviour from puppets.   



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