Where is the rice?

In my early days in Canada, I thought it is a shame that despite having such lovely places to sit and walk and visit, people here seem to have a less time to enjoy it as they are always working.  I promised myself that I would continue to spend lots of time on the beach, after all, thats why I picked The Beaches to settle.  I realised this week that it has been four weeks since I was on the beach.  I used to go down whilst doing laundry, and for a hot chocolate, to read a book, for a walk or a run.  I know it is colder now and dark in the evenings, but I miss how much time I spent there in the summer.  Today I went for a walk with a Canadian girlfriend (note the Canandianism) from the bar. We walked down through the ravine and all along the boardwalk.   

The trees have mostly lost their leaves and the air is cold.  It is still not cold enough for my lovely winter coat I bought weeks and weeks ago.  There is still no sign of the promised famous Canadian snow. 

 It was cold enough to make us appreciate a nice chilli in the warm bar after walking.  Bit weird though, Canadians dont eat their chilli with rice?! They eat it with garlic bread and tacos and seemed confused when I enquired about the rice. 



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