Mostly about hamsters and Nandos

A couple of random observations about the locals… they call “Flakes”, “Flakeeees”. They seem to all be planting cabbages like plants in their gardens, they are everywhere. 

 Last weekend I went to the pet shop to visit the babies.  I was delighted to see they were all still alive and well.  They haven’t grown as much as I thought they would have, but getting bigger.  The pet shop let me have a play with them and I also got to play with the ferret they had there.  I loved this.  I would love a pet ferret if they didn’t smell so much.  It reminded me of Dartmoor days – good old Ronnie and Reggie.  I want to work in a pet shop.  I also got a new house for Mavis, she initially preferred sitting on top of it, but after a few hours decided, it is easier to sleep inside. 
 Nandos  – I have been meaning to get to Nandos for some time and haven’t quite gotten around to it until after The Santa Claus Parade.  The tradition/ obsession with Nandos at Warner Village is something that I miss doing with friends at home (I will definitely be taking my visiting Brit to Nandos when she arrives next year).  Me and the Manchester folks are all keen fans and headed there for a spot of lunch.  Funny story, stood in queue and said excuse me to the person in front waiting to be seated so I could grab a menu, then looked at her face and it was one of the other Brits (Welsh one, one of the hosts of the Halloween party).  Love that I am randomly bumping into people when I know so few in such a big place!  Forces joined and good times had by all.  Lets cut to the nitty gritty though, how did it taste? It was Nandos, it was delicious.  Was it as good as home? I have to be honest and say no, but it was close.  The peri peri sauce seemed the same and the sweet potato wedges were delicious, but the chicken wasn’t quite as good and the peri tamer sauce was very bizarre indeed.  No loyalty points card scheme, so I wont be claiming a free meal anytime soon, but I will be returning. 

 In other food news, I have also been to The Keg.  It was delicious and they put green beans on my plate! So happy to have a meal in a restaurant with green vegetables instead of salad with everything. 

I have been trying to make some Christmas cards.  I gathered and pressed Maple Leaves and it turns out that they just aren’t that easy to use as a craft material.  It turned out to be too time consuming to make each one – I just don’t have as much time on my hands in Canada.  Being a tourist, a holiday maker, a wannabe local and a worker pretty much covers most of my spare time.  This will be the first year in many many years that I haven’t made my Christmas cards which I feel a little sad about, but I hope that sending Canadian themed Hallmark cards will suffice.

Flyers – for the past two Saturdays, I have delivered flyers around the area.  Four hours last week and 1,700 flyers delivered between two of us.  Writing this makes me think I could have used this time to make cards! 

In other news, I have purchased some Christmas earrings, have been eating lots of chicken (and too much chocolate, Its getting out of control), been gymming lots and lots, signed up for a Boot Camp Instructor course in two weeks and started the sunbeds as my amazing summer tan has deserted me. 



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